Welcome to the Evolution of Passive Income.


A Passive Income Rewards Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Rebranded tokenomics of Evergrow Coin that hit Billion MarketCap last bull-run with an addition of “Grow” Meta. Earn Binance-USD ($BUSD), simply by holding BUSD GROW ($BUSDGROW) in your crypto wallet.

BUSD GROW Tools & Utilities

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BUSD Grow Swap

Trade Token on BUSD Grow, The fastest and the Easiest Swap. Better, Faster, and Less Expensive Defi Platform.

BUSD Grow Wallet

Buy, Sell and Swap your crypto on a wallet fully designed for the latest revolutionary rewards tokens, along with traditional crypto investing.


Governance token, our holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself.

Staking Protocol

BUSD Grow is a decentralized staking protocol backed by an Audited code and built for banking efficiency.

Contract Backend

BUSD Grow is Contract-verifiable. It’s a Decentralized Finance tool that can be used by anyone.

Compound Interest

BUSD Grow is a very scarce crypto-asset, the embedded tokenomics make it a valuable compounding tool.

An On-Chain Decentralized Bank for Everyone

Key Features

Safe and Secure

We have developed a special dividend system here, which allows investors to receive a desired token as a dividend.

Benefits for our investors

Our Contract then buys the selected token and sends it directly to your wallet at no cost. All you need to do is hold our BUSD Grow token in your wallet.

More rewards

If you want to hold your tokens for the long term, we have implemented something good for you as well. To earn an increased share of the rewards pool, you can lock your tokens for a certain period of time via our dashboard.

About BUSD Grow

Why to choose BUSD Grow?
The passive income you receive will vary depending on the total amount of BUSDGrow you hold and the token’s daily trading volume. Binance-USD ($BUSD) $BUSD is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar, meaning 1 $BUSD holds the same value as 1 US dollar. $BUSD can easily be converted to US dollar, or retained as a cryptocurrency.
  • Busd Rewards 2%
  • Auto liquidity 2%
  • Treasury 5%
  • Random Buyback 1% (TeamWallet)
  • Development 2%

  • Total TAX 12%
  • Reward.
  • Locking/Staking.
  • Buybacks.

BUSD Grow Tokenomics

Our tokenomics have been designed precisely to take advantage of the nature of BUSD Grow. With a focus on stability and endless marketing, you can be sure that the BUSD Grow Train will never end!
BUY & SELL TAX : 12%


Endless Marketing will be the first in the space. These tokenomics will reap the fruits of our investor’s hard earned cash to send back into aggressive and effective marketing


BUSD Grow Rewards

Passive income is king! BUSD Grow will give you back reflections. What are banks, really?


Liquidity Pool

Endless liquidity, we know how much our investors will buy and sell, so we’re prepared for anything.


Random Buyback (TeamWallet)



The Roadmap

Phase 1

- Launch the website
- Sneak peeks of the BUSD Grow tools app.
- Spywolf audit.

- Mass support from call groups.
- AMAs in respected call groups.
- Post-launch AMA.

Phase 2

Marketing: - Mass marketing push with physical billboards.
- Social media marketing and article publications.
- Digital ads on sites like BscScan and Poocoin.
- Extension of website and branding.

- Variety of full contract audits, aside from the contracts completed on launch

Phase 3

- Expansion of BUSD Grow Tools for superb usability.
- Initiate planning for BUSD Grow.
- BUSD Grow Tools dApps.
- To be Disclosed......

Some FAQs

BUSD Grow is what we call a hybrid-utility meme token. Hybrid-utility essentially being a mixed utility bag, merging the success of memecoins dependent on the quality of the comedic value of their chosen memes while providing stable status with utilities that focus on expanding the use of the token. It’s funny, but also it’s actually useful.
The team is fully KYCed to each other, auditing services and launchpads included. We do not feel the need to publicly release our identities at the time as we want our efforts and the corresponding results to showcase our professionalism and ability.
BUSD Grow Team is very well aware of the importance of preparation. The process of marketing and launch success hinges on the market and current trends but also on the launchpad and hype build-up. We’re not looking to push anything that doesn’t mean our standards. Quality over quantity is what makes us succeed.
We always want to be able to reward our long-term investors who are with the team on this lengthy yet well planned journey. While we can’t share the details that we haven’t already mentioned, our future investors can expect benefits on other projects that are associated or partnered with BUSD Grow as a guarantee.
BUSD Grow wants to be a gamechanger in the establishment of the new meta, which is meme coins with a purpose. Aside from the current roadmap, we’re intending to showcase more venues of which BUSD Grow can flourish in. Whatever you’re thinking of, we’ve thought it up already!
The team has comprehensive contacts both from influencers, call groups, and other significant personas in and around the crypto space. We intend to push through with physical and digital advertisement to accommodate both the launch and traveling AMAs to maximize the FOMO effect as soon as possible. Marketing will move aggressively, with early birds receiving benefits and more competitions that others can hop aboard on and participate on the BUSD Grow Train.
Short-term we want to focus on community. Building a strong yet sturdy community that is engaging, caring, and also a place for investors to hang out and talk about what moves they’re planning next! Creating kindness and understanding in an impatient and dangerous space like BSC is what we’re all about. Aside from aggressive marketing and high-reward community events, we’ve got so much more on the way!
The BUSD Grow Team has a full line-up of dedicated moderators, marketing specialists and community managers that meets the requirements of the team. We are not accepting any proposals at this time.
Our team is comprised of people who have had lengthy experiences within the crypto space, specializing in the following:
– Social media marketing
– Web3 and Solidity Code Development
– NFT specialists
– Professional artists
– HR
– Community specialists